Okazaki, Sakamoto, van den Dorpel, Murayama

Exhibition at Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Tokyo2022 –  curated by Takuro Someya

Takuro Someya Contemporary Art is pleased to present a group exhibition with works by Kenjiro Okazaki, Chinoko Sakamoto, Harm van den Dorpel, and Goro Murayama.

This group exhibition presents an opportunity to consider the natural process of artistic production in which there are no distinctions between the virtual and the real. The abstract is conceptualized not merely as an expressive form but rather primarily as an omnipresent element of nature that exists irregardless of human perception. We hope that visitors will experience this notion of abstraction as a guiding force in the evocation of history and the present in these works by Okazaki, van den Dorpel, Sakamoto, and Murayama.