Cloud Writings

2024 – ongoing
Ongoing series of plotter drawings. Titles are preliminary. Photos are low quality taken with my cell phone, for now  

Swallow, Only Shallow

A series heavily inspired by the complex textures of distortion in Shoegaze music  

Resolution Paintings

2023 – ongoing
Series of pixel "paintings" constructed by recursively subdividing squares  

Mutant Garden

2019 – ongoing
In Mutant Garden, clicking one rectangular 'mutant' will cause its siblings to be replaced with newly mutated offspring. This breeding strategy requires only one parent to be selected because the algorithm is the most effective when mutation, rather than cross-over, is applied  

Nested Exchange

2018 – ongoing
Two works are taken from a determined population and communicate - gossip if you will - by flipping a node of their nested structure. The direction in this process is geared towards the greatest diversity: each specimen wants to be as different from all the other as possible  

Algues Artificielles

2017 – ongoing
I devised a system in which the drawings, consisting of multiple lines and shapes, would evolve and improve over time. In many iterations, the system would give me a generation of works, and each time I would pick two, from which more 'children' would be bred  

Automated Drawings

2017 – ongoing
Drawings on paper made with a CNC-router, disturbed and complemented by my own hand. Various scripts and custom software were programmed to generate each unique drawing  

Death Imitates Language

2016 – ongoing
A series of works exploring the development of meaning in generative aesthetics using micro feedback and a genetic algorithm. It consists of a website and a series of printed and boxed collage works  

Delinear Whiteboards

A series of whiteboard with custom magnets  

Chrysalis Sculptures

A series of hanging sculptures made from UV printed heatshrink foil and other packaging materials  


2011 – ongoing
Sculptures, usually hanging, made from acrylic glass, hand- or CNC cut, printed with UV cured inks.  

Diagonal Enlargements

Low resolution found images enlarged by a custom diagonal enlargement algorithm  

Ethereal Self & Others

Two connected websites, capturing and displaying people with their own webcam (after consent)  


2008 – 2023
A remake of a Flash animation I once made in 2008, but now 100% on-chain: no IPFS, no webservers, no dependencies. All code is contained in the smart contract. Responsive and interactive  

Animal Configurations

2007 – ongoing
Series of found images of animals reconfigured with Photoshop or self-programmed software  

Revenant Series

2006 – 2008
Series of animated found images of collapsed peoples  

Pixel Sorters

2005 – ongoing
Images deconstructed by applying sorting rules to arrays of pixels, based on neighbouring pixels  

Window and Dream

2004 – ongoing
Series of generative animations based on (deterministic) chance, of which some (fully) on-chain