Future Art Ecosystems Vol. 3

News, published 2 years ago

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Eva Jäger and Victoria Ivanova on the Serpentine Gallery's Future Art Ecosystems Vol. 3 Art × Tech publication.

FAE3 identifies new patterns for organisational and creative innovation within the broader space of decentralised technologies, variably dubbed as 'web3', 'crypto' and 'dweb'. Through a series of interviews with specialists across art, web3, crypto, dweb, innovation policy and civic, the briefing articulates various horizons for reconfiguring how practitioners and the cultural sector at large can operationalise production, distribution and financial support systems.

This print + web publication features several monochrome images based on Markov's Dream screen captures, pulled through a custom rasterizing algorithm.

Two works that were not included in the publication have found their final form as tokenized prints: Molly Blob 1 and Molly Blob 2.

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