Prelaunch Mutant Garden Seeder NFT

News, published more than 3 years ago

During Amsterdam Art Week 2021, I will present a selection of 64 pre-minted "non-fungible tokens" (NFTs) developed in collaboration with Berlin based NFT platform Folia, at Upstream Gallery in Amsterdam.

Mutant Garden Seeder will consist of 512 generative unique Ethereum tokens: “mutants”. When a mutant is born, the transaction hash of the current Ethereum block is taken as a seed to generate a chromosome from which the artwork is generated. Also after birth, every so many mined blocks, when a specific amount of digits of the current block hash correspond with its birth hash, the artwork mutates based on this block, gradually developing its visual manifestation. When a mutant is not adopted it dies.

Each mutant is mathematically determined by the moment of birth and the blockchain transactions that occur after - its genotype. Besides that, the screen and software the artwork is viewed with can also (sometimes quite dramatically) influence the composition of the artwork (its phenotype). Therefore, each mutant could be considered to be a time-based “responsive painting”. All calculations of this NFT are executed on a dedicated server daemon, which is synchronised to mainnet, sort of like a sidechain. Also, owners of a mutant will receive a standalone Electron app + screensaver in which they can follow the development of their "pet", independent from the Seeder Daemon server.

In this blockchain-native work, I aim to show that the advent of immutability does not require to sacrifice the fluid potential of digital artifacts, which continuously evolve.

End July 2021 the project will fully launch, and then NFT collectors will be able to select a mutant from the current block themselves, and mint it as unique ER721 token using an interactive DAPP.

Please note that all preminted mutants have already been bought and transferred or are reserved.

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